"When my daughter first comes home from JKidz, she has a lot to talk about, she wants to show me what she's done. Because JKidz has different levels, she is always trying to get to the next level and she finds that very exciting. That's something that I would have never expected out of a Hebrew School and we are just so thrilled that we found JKidz."

- Scott Tornek: JKidz Parent

“As soon as you walk into the door you feel welcome, you feel warmth, you feel like you’re part of the family.”

- Shari Walter: JKidz Parent

"JKidz made me proud to be Jewish. It's lot's of fun, it's exciting and it makes me smile.”

- Lindsay Paveza: JKidz Student

"Nobody has to force me to go. I am motivated on my own and it is really fun and entertaining because the teachers make it really hands-on and interactive. I was really surprised that I got to have a full Bat Mitzvah within such a short period of time."

- Isabel Shoemaker: JKidz Student

"I am thrilled that I sent my kids to JKidz and I actually wish that it went through the summer so that they could keep going.”

- Tracy Spameni: JKidz Parent

"I would definitely recommend the JKidz experience to any Jewish family regardless of background, knowledge or affiliation. We come from a different Jewish background, but JKidz is absolutely wonderful for our kids.”

- Maya Paveza: JKidz Parent

“Before I came to JKidz, I did not know how to read Hebrew and in less than a year, I am able to.”

- Alex Edelman: JKidz Student

"JKidz felt more like a camp and a party than like school because school can be boring, but JKidz is always exciting. We always do crafts, games and other activities, which makes it lots of fun."

- Noah Spameni: JKidz Student